29 Jul 2013

IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments 2013-14

Solved Assignments of IGNOU MCA 3rd Semester :

Finally you can download IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments of session year 2013-14. Solved Assignments of IGNOU contains all of the required messages in proper information's below. we tried our best to solve many problems and iterations in each and every questions. although, many students found our IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments very helpful. 

There are five subjects ( Including the Lab Work ) in IGNOU MCA 3rd semester and this IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments are followed by 6 different .pdf and .doc files and are available for free download.

IGNOU 3rd semester for MCA ( Master In Computer Applications ) is almost started. Students are required to prepare themselves for final exams and the submissions of the correctly well-written and solved assignments to the related regional centre.

IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments Free Download (.PDF files) :

Links to download IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments for free

MCS-31 Design And Analysis of Algorithms

Click on the download link below to download MCS 31 solved assignments of IGNOU MCA 3rd semester course. though, MCS-31 depicts to the subject Design and analysis of Algorithams.

Here is the link to download fully solved MCS-31 assignments of IGNOU MCA term session July-Januray 2013-14.


MCS-32 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Many students have failed to found the assignments of this subject. But, we are here to help you with the solutions. Click on the download link of solved assignments of MCS 32 subject. It is direct download links of assignments containing files of IGNOU MCA term/session of July-Januray 2013-14.

Updated ! Download

MCS-33 Advanced Discrete Mathematics

This the popular subject among the math students and easier then ever too. But some of the students who are weak in MCA math subject (MCS 33) are happily download Solved MCS 33 assignments ( Advanced Discrete Mathematics ) thousand of times.


MCS-34 Software Engineering

Below is the working link of MCS 34 Solved assignments of IGNOU MCA course that is running in the current term/session Jul-January 2013-14. It might be that some answers are missing. In that case, we will update it as soon as possible.

Updated ! Download

MCS-35  Accountancy and Financial Management

Accountancy and financial management (MCS 35) is easy subject too. But many weak students in accounting are always seeking for a good guide to write correct assignments of this subject. Here we tried our best to solve your problems and provided you each and every answers carefully. Just click on the download link to get MCS 35 solved assignments of MCA 3rd semester.

Updating to 2013 Assignments Soon ! Download

MCSL-36 Lab Course

Lab course consist of the lab work. It means whichever tasks student perform in their lab schedule in the session or term of July-January 2013-14. They need to prepare practical Lab assignments for this MCSL 36 subject. To download solved Lab manual of MCSL 36 lab course, the links are given below.

Updating to 2013 Assignments Soon !

Note : This labwork is available for download in 3 different files, you need to download all necessary parts to get answer of your questions.

IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Subjects, Assignment Details, Rules :

IGNOU proudly provides MCA ( Master In Computer Application ) course for the students who are seeking to get master degree in computer science. IGNOU MCA course depends and completes on the how you perform it. However, this course is divided in 5 semesters gradually. Each semesters are having 3-4 months of study and preparation time. At the end of the semester IGNOU University conducts an exams Of IGNOU MCA students and all the students are required to pass that exams as well as complete assignments. 

In addition to that, students are forcefully required to complete and submit their solved assignments of IGNOU MCA 3rd semester before due date and exams. If any students fails in submission of their IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments then he/she can't appear in exams and it results you to fail in the exams. So, we advice you to prepare your IGNOU MCA 3rd sem assignments as soon as your particular semester term starts.

The main subjects of the IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments are as below.

  1. MCS-031 Design and Analysis of Algorithams (DAA)
  2. MCS-032 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  3. MCS-033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics (Maths)
  4. MCS-034 Software Engineering (SE)
  5. MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Management (Account)
  6. MCSL-036 Lab Course ( Useful For The Practical Exams )

All of the Download links for IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments of the 2013-14 terms are working best on our side. If you find any broken links then do post your comment as soon as possible. We will fix it for you.

About Download Links for IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments :
Right now, there we have placed direct download links of the assignments. though, new download links of IGNOU MCA 3rd sem solved assignments such as Live Reading Links, Google Docs Links, MediaFire or DropBox Links having resume-able capabilities are coming soon. So you will never miss your solved MCA 3rd sem assignments. If you have any questions regarding the assignments or links, then feel free to ask us in comments.

Note : Soon, We are updating all assignments for Jan-July Session 2013-14 . Stay updated with our site or subscribe our blog to get notified.

Neha Desai

We have written this article with lots of love for the students who are seeking for a right solutions with correctly solved IGNOU assignments. Feel free to comment your questions.


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